Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Reusable Shopping Bags Can be Fun!

It's Woofing Wednesday again, and once more my dogs are heading up this post. Oliver (left) and Tanner (right) are waiting permission to eat the yummy organic carrots I have given them. What good boys!

Speaking of shopping for carrots, I found a great post with lots of reasons to use reusable shopping bags for your grocery shopping at Squawkfox. I'll add one: Some of mine are colorful tote bags I've collected from the publishing industry. My favorite is the one with Captain Underpants on it, pictured above. I get lots of comments on that one from the grocery packers. This series of books is a favorite among kids, but especially boys.

Check out the Squawkfox list, and clean out your closet. You're sure to find at least one old tote bag that will be a great shopping bag. Have fun collecting.
Join me tomorrow when I'll offer a few easy (10-minute Green Tip Toes) ways to save water. See you then, and don't forget to leave me a comment. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

I looove Woofin' Wednesdays! ;-)
I wonder if Charlie would eat a carrot...? I do have some organic ones in the fridge...

Anonymous said...

Oh... and I wanted to tell you that I recently started sewing my own reusable bags. :-) (I thought I had mentioned it, but maybe I forgot.)
I have one in my etsy shop if you want to see it:

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